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Rigid-Flex PCB - Flex Circuits

The benefits of flex circuits, or flex PCB, are numerous.  Flex circuits can be both tested and quality assured before the actual assembly of the components. Connectors and solder joints can be eliminated as well, reducing overall costs.  Also, the thinness of flex PCB design allows for greater space application of use in printed circuit board design and the reduction in unit weight provides an overall advantage as well. Heat is more efficiently dissipated through flex circuits and due to minimization of component size, the overall aesthetics of the internal structure are improved as well.
Rigid-flex PCB manufacturing involves the binding of rigid and flex circuits in the same unit as to form one part, which are referred to as rigid-flex boards. This combination of printed circuit boards helps to create a more reliable product with better signal integrity and greater noise reduction. Not only does this methodology reduce overall cost of construction, it reduces space consumption and design weight, while at the same time the rigid-flex PCB technology allows greater overall design freedom for our engineers.
At CCS International Circuits, it is our goal to source your flex PCB or rigid-flex PCB with the PCB manufacturer that best meets your company’s specific requirements and is most qualified in the technology of your flex PCB or rigid-flex PCB. The benefits of these technologies result in maximized efficiency and performance, while the cost reductions inherent in this technology remain a major benefit as well. CCS International Circuits will identify your specific project requirements and implement the best, most effective array layouts to help meet both your business goals and your individual product needs. Call us today regarding your specific project requirements at (727) 733-2255 or send your files to   Our team will be glad to work with you to help create the finest in printed circuit board technology at competitive pricing to satisfy your printed circuit board needs.